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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  March 2, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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supplies that are needed to help you recover from the earthquake. >> reporter: while recovery operations are now well underway rescue continues. seven people have been found in this building, six more missing. workers are still searching for them and they say they are not giving up. jeffrey kaufman, abc news, concepcion, chile. first haiti, now chile. in a time of crisis people come together and want to help out. even though chile hasn't asked for international aid the american red cross is making a pledge of $50,000 and you can donate on their web site. we've made it easy. head to and click on "links mentioned on air." from one tragedy to another. there's still a lot of work to do in haiti and many people are still in need of medical help. the massive quake happened back on january 12th and shortly after medical teams from the university of maryland sprung to action. some of those heroes are home tonight sharing their experiences. >> i mean, we walked into what
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looked like an insurmountable challenge and after the first initial, sort of shock at what we were faced with everybody just rolled up their sleeves and pitched in and made things happen and made things work. the haitians are a tremendously resilient people. the fact that they are continuing to function and responding to this and able to come back is really a testament to their inner strength. >> medical teams are rotating every week to 10 days in haiti. so far they've helped more than 12,000 people performing several hundred surgeries. i'm joy with a look at the weather. it's wet. that describes it. as you can see, we have rain in the baltimore metro area pretty much covering most of the state there. we have the snow to the west and that is coming from virginia. heavy bands of snow towards ocean city but again the rain started, it will turn into snow tonight. no real accumulation.
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and looks like the temperatures are still up, still 37 in baltimore. that is going to help us definitely with the wet wintry mix, 39 washington now. 38 in hagerstown. 40 in dover. overnight, let's get to the forecast. 33, rained and snow expected, up to an inch expected. that is good news. >> thank you. two men are behind bajwz tonight in anne arundel county on burglary charges. pruod scott and wade hamilton are both charged with burglary, theft and destruction of property. police say the men broke into a home in the 1,900 block of militia lane in odenton last friday. the suspects took off in a four-door pontiac. police arrested them later. now for a look at tonight's top stories. the owner of a towson gas station shot during an attempted robbery has died. william raymond porter was shot several times yesterday at the hess station in the 1600 block of joppa road. he died this morning at shock trauma. police are still searching for the suspect.
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three alleged cult members have been convicted of starving a toddler to death because he didn't say amen during a mealtime prayer. jurors convicted queen antoinette and two other members of a second degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. marcus cobbs was also convicted for accessory after the fact. the members were accused of denying food and water to javon thompson because he would not say amen at mealtimes. all three face up to 60 years in prison. as toyota executives testify on capitol hill for a third time the government now says it's received complaints of 52 deaths connected to sudden acceleration in vehicles since 2000. toyota executives insist their vehicles do not have electrical problems. the automaker' top engineer says extensive testing shows no evidence of such problems. toyota is also putting together an independent panel of safety experts led by a former u.s. transportation secretary. while messages on the economy came from two fronts today. president obama pushed his plan
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for an economic stimulus that would give americans energy rebates in hopes they will spur demand for insulation, water heaters and jobs for hurting americans. in washington a kentucky senator who blocked a bill that would extend unemployment to hundreds of thousands of people. here's t.j. with more. >> reporter: speaking in savannah, georgia, today, president obama unveiled a $6 billion program intended to boost energy efficiency and create 10s of thousands of jobs. >> i have more important job as president than seeing to it that every american who wants to work and is able to work can find a job. >> reporter: if passed by congress schoolmate consumers would be -- congress consumers would be eligible for up to $1,500 in upgrades and up to $3,000 if it leads to a 20% energy savings. >> some of them have costs on the front end and working stuff through congress is more than a notion. >> reporter: the same could be said of the extension of unemployment benefits currently being held up by kentucky senator jim bunting who wants
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the $10 billion paid for with cuts to other programs. >> it's very important that the people understand that there are other sides of this. >> you've made your point. you made it well. i understand how you feel, this should be paid for, the majority of the senate disagrees. >> reporter: the dispute already caused thousands of unemployed workers to see their benefits expire and led to a furlough of 2,000 department of transportation workers. this afternoon republicans were confident a deal would be struck soon. >> i think we're going to be able to work out the short term extension in the very near future. >> reporter: sources tell abc news a deal would likely include two separate votes. the first on an amendment to offset the cost of the bill with cuts to other programs, the second on the bill itself. abc news, washington. a group of tour companies want the federal government to compensate them for lost revenue. during the obama family vacation to hawaii. air force one flew over hawaii while the family vacationed
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there last summer but a number of local pilots were barred from flying. richard schumer's helicopter service tours were forced to fly a limited path because of a 10-mile no fly zone in the 30-mile restricted area around the president's vacation home. schumann says the companies lost $200,000. >> people who usually pay upwards of $275,000 a person are right around the island. some will say if i can't get the whole tour i don't want to go. >> during the president's vacation a white house spokesman expressed sympathy for the dilemma facing local businesses. the aviation initiative is hoping the secret service will ease air restrictions for when the president vacations in hawaii again this year. you know what they say, patience is a virtue. it could save you money, too. how those rapid tax refunds could cost you more in the end. plus, the smithsonian doesn't want oj simpson's suit on display. find out why. ♪
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wall street continued its run in positive territory today. all three major indexes were up. the dow gained two. the nasdaq was up seven and the s&p 500 up over two and a half. the offer of that rapid tax refund can be very tempting but
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don't let impatience get the best of you and your money. karen kafa explains how a quick refund loan could cost you later. >> reporter: rapid refund loans can promise your tax dollars within 24 hours. but the key word is loan. that means fees and interest on your own money. >> refund anticipation loans come at a high cost but what amounts to getting your own money back sooner. after all this is money you've lent to uncle sam for free over the past year. >> reporter: the consumer federation of america estimates refund anticipation loans cost americans about $800 million million last tax year but there are ways to avoid a high-interest loan and still get money quickly. >> combining e-file with direct deposit. >> reporter: if you plan to use the money for a new home appliance consider an in-store financing plan that offers free interest for a limited time. >> by the time the bill comes due you would have had your tax refund in hand, you can pay the
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bill in full without having incurred finance charges. >> reporter: to skip the wait next spring revise the amount withheld from your paychecks now. >> you want the money throughout the year, a little more each paycheck rather than having to wait on a big refund check next spring after filing your taxes. >> reporter: for "consumer watch," i'm karen kafa. neither rain nor snow stops the mailman from making the rounds but what with these tough economic times? the changes that could affect how you get or send mail. and many people are looking for work. what to watch out for so con artists don't scam you. >> i'm megan pringle. here in the newsroom. if you're looking for free advice go to and when you get there click on the "financial survival guide." because there's new information posted everyday. for example, today, what you'll find, free wi-fi service for amtrak travelers on the acela
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a dose of economic reality from the u.s. post office. according to the post master general his agency lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last quarter alone. usually it's the busiest season because of the holiday mailings. there will likely be major revisions in how americans get their mail. here's john hendrin. >> reporter: neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night stopped the postal service but no one said anything about lean
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times. >> with projections going forward, they are not bright. >> reporter: the post office lost $7 billion last year. a new post office study says it will lose a staggering $238 billion over 10 years. >> we are not going to be able to freeze our labor rates. we're not going to be able to freeze our costs of fuel and facilities and vehicles. >> reporter: to stem the losses the postmaster general john potter wants to cut costs by stopping saturday delivery and teeming up with private retail outlets. >> we're hoping that the american public will embrace these changes. >> reporter: without them postal officials say the federal mail service won't survive. postal carriers delivered 150 billion letters and parcels last year, that is 15% fewer than the year before and next year deliveries are expected to drop a similar amount. the wall street meltdown and dismal economy haven't helped. the main culprit? >> increasing penetration of on-line activity and increasing acceptance by consumers of transactions on-line. >> reporter: that are expected to accelerate as the
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moonlight mail bags grow lighter. if congress doesn't close some post offices by next year and close saturday delivery postal officials say mail rates will rise 25% above inflation. abc news, washington. protecting yourself against potential job scams. with unemployment at 9.7% there's a huge opening for con artists to prey on americans looking for work. the federal trade commission is now suing about a dozen companies accused of scamming job seekers. elizabeth leany explains. >> reporter: this is one definition of the word crafty meaning skillful or dextrous. >> i enjoy all different types of crafts. >> reporter: here's the other definition. crafty as in tricky and deceitful. authorities say the two definitions collided at a company called angel pin creations. >> i've been scammed. and it hurts. it hurts a lot. >> reporter: theresa yeast answered an add for angel pin creations after her husband got
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laid off. the company's web site claimed it would pay people as much as $500 a week to assemble these angel pins at home. theresa thought that was something she could manage while caring for the two children with disabilities. she sent apc $580 for a supply kit. >> it was not money i had to spare. the money that i sent them was in faith. >> reporter: when the kit arrived theresa says a key supply needed to make the angels was missing. she says the instructions had huge gaps, too. >> i think that was their objective, to wear you out, frustrate you to the point where you will give up. they will have your money. and, you're just done. >> reporter: but theresa pressed on. determined to do a good job, desperate to make some money for her family. she managed to send in her first sample. it was rejected. then her second. rejected. and a third and fourth. also turned down.
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>> what happens inevidentably is that the craft is rejected for some reason or another. it's not perfect in one way. it's not perfect in another way. >> reporter: the federal trade commission says it's a classic scheme that's returned because of the recession. investigators timent angel pin creations made $832,000 in a single year by making "false and baseless claims that consumers could earn substantial income from angel pin assembly when in fact they could not." >> what these fraudsters are doing, they look at the headlines and right now what is in the headlines is a very high unemployment rate so they know how to exploit vulnerabilities. >> reporter: now theresa feels she transformed her own vulnerability into a victory for others by feeding the federal federal trade commission information about angel pin creations. now the ftc is suing to shut the company down. >> elizabeth said she left several messages with the angel
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pin company but never heard back. some activity. >> weather still big story but we're in march. it's not that bad of a storm. a wintry mix. >> we can take that. >> clean up the car. we've been through a lot. that is true. again, the rain is definitely hitting the baltimore area, downtown, that's a little deceptive, that shot, we're getting rain in the downtown area. as it hits the water there, you can see it. it's a beautiful shot. the temperatures are our friend for once. 37 degrees now in baltimore. just north winds, 3 miles per hour, gusts not really going to affect us. we're looking a at maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and look at it. baltimore, bel air, york, washington, all covered by the rain, it's here. it's going to remain -- turn into a snow mix, closer to midnight, as you can see from the virginia area, already getting that snow mix and we
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have heavier bands of rain towards ocean city. that's going to play a factor in our weather. nothing major, not even an inch accumulation. again the temperatures are too warm for it to stick to the ground. that is the good news. toured up to 42. we should have been to 49. we tried to get closer to 50 but didn't get there with the cloud cover. it was a chilly morning, 33, not that bad of a morning, i hope you bundled up the kid. 23 oakland. and 32 dulles. highs today, again, we struggled, didn't even get close to 45. 42 is where we got to in baltimore. the cloud cover not our friend there. 40 york. 42 hagerstown. 30 oakland. the highs also our friend, again, with this wintry mix coming in. now 37 baltimore. 37 pax river. 37 dulles. 34 winchester. 28 in oakland. watch the temperatures out that way. the satellite and radar, that is the big story. that's our major player, that is all we're talking about. again, no need to run to the grocery store, no need to call your mom, don't tell the boss you're going to be late, the
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rain is in the baltimore area, rain/snow mix closer to midnight, expecting an inch if that accumulation on the grassy areas, temperatures too warm to stick. it will come from virginia, the storm is going to remain with us until wednesday night before it gets out of here. low pressure, this storm is going to hug the coast and that is going to keep the rain, keep the snow showers around but really compared to what we've had we'll take it. take a breath, enjoy it. i hope it washes off some of the dirt off the car. 33 there tonight. rain and snow up to an inch accumulation. and tomorrow, again, we're going to try to cheer up a little bit, 39 degrees there for the high. morning light snow, roads mainly wet. that is definitely the big story. tomorrow night snow showers continue, 32 degrees, very little accumulation. the 7-day forecast gets better, wednesday, once the mix gets out, 42 for thursday. look at friday and saturday. 45, 51 saturday. beautiful, saturday, 55 and 57.
5:53 pm
put on the sunscreen monday. back to you. >> thank you. the smithsonian institution rejected a donation of the suit oj simpson wore when he was acquitted of killing his ex-wife and her friend. a judge had approved the donation as a solution to a 13-year court battle between simpson and fred goldman. simpson wore the suit on october 3, 1995 when he was acquitted of killing nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman. goldman was suing to get the suit as part of the $33.5 million simpson was ordered to pay after simpson was found guilty of the killings in civil court. the judge says it's not appropriate for the museum's collection. all new at 6:00 -- president obama tomorrow outlines new health care reform legislation. which republican ideals he says he'll include? and creating jobs and saving money on your energy bills.
5:54 pm
details of a proposed new rebate plan. let's look at what is coming up at 6:30 on world news. >> news information about the trouble at the postal service. and what we've learned about whether there will be saturday delivery. a brand new survey. the formula for a good marriage. we'll have that, tonight. [ woman ] with my diabetes... i make my efforts count... so i switched to the freestyle promise® program... a unique program that gives me... the support i need, free. free access to a certified diabetes educator... so i can ask about diet and the insulin i use. i got a free meter. and test strip discounts. so i can spend more on what i really want. i count on the freestyle promise® program.
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make it count for you! only the freestyle program gives you discounts, support, and more. enroll today.
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the countdown to the academy awards is on but before the stars light up the night on the red carpet we're giving you a taste of some of the movies capturing oscar attention. tonight "the lovely bones," stanley tucci made a living playing the good guy but it couldn't be more different
5:58 pm
here. >> what do you see the lovely bones as being about? >> i think healing is a perfect description of it. i think it's about letting go. it's about -- it's about not being as afraid of death as we think that maybe we have to be. and not being as afraid of life as we think we have to be. >> how would you describe him from that first look at the script? >> well, i mean, he's completely repellent to any normal being. and i was resistant to play him at first. i felt that what their idea of the film was, was a beautiful idea. i thought the script was very good, first of all. and, that if we created this person together, that we would create a real person, not just some sort of monster.
5:59 pm
>> you can catch the academy awards at sunday at 8:00, right here on abc2. you could soon be paying more for a popular appetizer. details on abc2 news at 6:00, which starts right now. a live look from our camera at the inner harbor. another coastal storm heading our way. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. the big question is what can we expect this time. joy is here with the first forecast. >> thank you. we have good news. the storm is here, the wet weather, the radar you can see is green, wet and we've got the rain. the rain is here pretty much in the baltimore, dc area, metro area, the blue to the west is the snow showers that will move in later towards about midnight. not expecting much. maybe an inch accumulation if that. the temperatures on our side there, 37. that will keep it warm in baltimore. 37 in


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